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Joining Rainbow-Sites Advertising

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Just so we're clear:

We have a detailed policy page, but we'll summarize it here:

  • You certify you are 18 or older.
  • Most Items Listed Below Pertain to 'Website' Submissions.
    - Banner, Text Ad and Mini-Banner Exchanges: (URL Shortners,) for example, ARE allowed.

  • The websites you promote must be deemed 'acceptable' by us:
    • No Frame-Breakers.
    • No Pop-ups and No Pop-Unders of Any Kind
    • No Excessive slide-ins (1 is permitted)
    • No Webpage Redirects.
    • No Rotators.
    • No URL Shortners. (They can be used in Banner and Text Ad Areas Only)
    • No https content
    • No sexually explicit content.
    • No sites promoting violence or illegal activities.
    • (Automatic Video or Audio playing) are ONLY allowed in Manual Traffic Exchange Area.
    • We reserve the right to reject any site we deem offensive to our customer base.
  • We have a no-spam policy
    • We will not distribute your name or email address without your consent, except by court order.
    • We will disable, close accounts, and ban members who are proven to be spammers.

::: We Are Very Aggressive In Stopping Any Person Attempting To Break Any Of The Above :::
Our Intent is to provide the Most Stable and Safe exchange of traffic for all our loyal members.

To get started, simply fill out this form.  Once you click "sign me up", we'll record your information and send you a confirmation email.  The email will contain instructions for your next step.

* Full/real name :
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Password for access :
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repeat password : You can change your password at any time, once you have confirmed your email.

Important: If your mail provider has spam-blocking, please enable or 'white list' email from Rainbow-Sites Advertising.  

Specifically, we send messages from "RST Robot <>".

You must be able to receive email from us to use our system.

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